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Friday, August 04, 2006
halt. who goes where?

what ive learned from kas1 today.
"tardiness is emotionally disturbing!"
"pag pinagtago ka nila.. puta. magtago ka na!"
"ang volcanic" - ronald
"ang pangalan ng pusa ay manang" - judd
"alam niyo.. kapag ang bahay ay walang dibisyon.. lets get it on!"

"aleli is officially a nivia [nivea] model" - bryce
"heh. shut up nga." - aleli
"...... hahaha.. teka? hahahaha.. " -kim
"surie surie" -bogs
"si bryce.. bungangang tinubuan ng mukha" -kim

"do i make you look fat today?"

happy birthday kenn!
luvyah beach!!

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Thursday, August 03, 2006
t'was brillig. still.

the jeep was so fessed up full as usual. 8 pesos will never be worth riding a 16-seater jeepney with 20 people actually succumb to each other's sweat. gawd. if walking permits reaching the uni at the right time. let me. now.

decoding math1.
decoding why math1 still creeps the hell out of me.
decoding why math1 teaches one to love.
decoding why math1 is your ultimate philosophical guide to surviving the cruel sensation of life.

according to aleli.
RED is my color. get well sweetie. hahaha. shit. lalanggamin ka na. :) see you tom.

pre-advising wasnt so bad. sir campos was too busy with his laptop-ing job he just checks whatever i subject myself in.
i gave in to philo1 thinking i'd be another smart-ass as i get out.

me: philo1ako ngayon.. kayo?
matt and doreen [uuuuuuy!] : PAN PIL 19! *grins*
me: ay fish! sa kakahanap ko ng SOC SCI 3.. ndi ko na npansin ung panpil.. dammitmit..
matt: hehehehe.. *grins*
yes.. i am still lured by the wonderful discoveries of mankind.. only to be found in SOC SCI 3 and PAN PIL19 class.
these classes are very controversial.. and only peyups can answer why.

had a wonderful [yes. i can use it again] chocolate kiss date with matt, ilsa, and doreen.
thanks for the wonderful [yes. let me use it again] fish-and-fries-and-cake MATT! you hottie.. you! ;)

ilsa: let us kiss matt!
me: hottie! wooohoo!
matt: hahaha.
we should do it again sometime,, ye ol "food critics".. hahaha. wonderful.

here i go again. journey to my merry-go-round..
mrt station a.k.a sardines as usual.
the guards just annoy me. how they completely take over gruesome situations. mehn. tao lang naman kasi. hinayhinay naman sa pag-tackle sa pasahero.
though. a few hours back. a guy suddenly paved his way to the women section of the train. he was politely asked to return to the "non special" train by the stationed guard. he refused to back down and started cussing the hell out of the timid guard. mehn. tao lang naman kasi. sundin mo na yung guard. for WOMEN nga yung train eh. bulag ka ba.

train. 1st stop: Kamuning.
a woman's voice from the speaker. "dun nalang po kayo sa susunod na tren. masikip na po talga"
"paraanin po sana natin ang mga bumababa"
"salamat po"
then a group of hasty women passenger started snickering.
"babae yung driver? nako."
"baka mabunggo tayo niyan."
"baka naman girlfriend nung driver."
"kaya pala mabagal yung takbo eh."
"baka naman napadaan lang. tas natripan."
"wala na talagang magawa ang babae."

takte yan ah. bakit ba. kayo ko naman magpatakbo ng mrt eh. [il be dumber and bore myself to death though.] pero kaya rin naman ng babae gawin yun ah. planggana naman talaga oh.

what happened to uplifting womens rights.. huh?! tayo-tayo na nga lang.. magkakasiraan pa.
cmon. dont give me bullshit.

cranky as i reach home.

dad: anak, ang itim mo na.
me: *smiles* 
i love you too dad :)

... yes. it made my day once again. :)

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Saturday, July 29, 2006
beer anyone?

its uncanny.. makes it soo hard to leave something behind.. bigger mind boggling heights.. what more could i ask for? ha.ha. 

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Sunday, July 23, 2006
how did the Greeks found out that the Earth is a sphere?

ask them. im no Greek. i hate pressure on exams.

Mcdo Katipunan for lunch. yes. we stormed through the rich and the errr... rich? .... i went to the restroom to change my  gangly clothing. 3 girls were already in there. make-up session i guess you call it. they stopped to look at me. found the vacant cubicle and locked up. the 3 girls continued their "intellectual" discussions.
girl 1 : poor me.. dad doesnt want me to make gamit  his new car.. its Mazda 3 pa naman.
girl 2 : oh really? hahaha.. that's so sayang.. you have to take your old Altis with you.
girl 1 : yeah. my pipichugin lumang car.
girl 3 : my dad collects cars too.. and he never lets me use of them. he's got a new cooper too. damn.
girl 2 : ohmygod. ike dad's going to buy me a Focus if i get a 2.0  this semester.
girl 3 : that's hot!
girl 2 : i know right! that means i have to study na.

*sigh* another trust fund kids' conversation..

chismosa ko nu? hahaha..

binilan ko si ate ng donut. nagpasalamat siya. nagulat ako.

nagsimba kami ni rev kanina. miss ko na siya. miss ko narin sila. sooobra.

wala daw pasok kasi sona. ok. cool.


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Thursday, July 13, 2006
rookie camp.

photos by: josie Smile


eto ang a.s.

miss ko na ang high school.

sh*t..baka matuluyan na kami.. hahahaha..

c joseph YAO.. hinihiYAOan ng maraming naghihiYAOang panatiko.

naligaw eh..

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006
ang ganda mo.

isa sa mga dahilan kung bakit lumalaki ang ulo ni petra.

petra: prang andami ng nililink skin..
wilfred: hehehehe
petra: ndi nmna ako flirt dba..
petra: i dont luk like one
wilfred: uu
wilfred: hehehehehe
wilfred: mgnda ka nman kse kya mdali i-link..
petra: hala!
petra: sobrang compliment na yan!
wilfred: nyak
petra: to the highest level!
petra: hahahhah
wilfred: gnda ka nman tlaga eh
petra: kaw ha..
wilfred: bkt?..
petra: bka masanay ako nyan
petra: hahahhah
wilfred: ok lng yan
wilfred: hai
petra: hahahhaha
wilfred: totoo nman kse
petra: kaibigan tlga kita
wilfred: dpat msanay ka na..
petra: hahahha

.... sino siya? secret..

kilala nio sha.. sigurado.

kung hindi..

e di magtanong ng makulit.

ciao amigas. amigos.


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Sunday, June 18, 2006
mabuhay ka iska.

"shit. for real na toh?" i kept mounting these words in my head til the freshmen welcome assembly was over. it was just unbelievable for me. im actually out of my comfort zone. goodbye my lover. goodbye my friend.   ooops. wrong words. better etched it out before they start giggling and reminisce about the past. anyway. the first few days i spent discovering my humongous campus, i cant help thinking about my high school days where i would be able to tour an outsider around my 5 sided campus even blindfolded. its just wasnt the same now, and it will never be. ever.  So, ridiculed and frantically naive as i am still, i paved my way around the forest and pray to God i dont get lost. Thanks to The FRESHIE CODE brought to us by the FOPC, 15% of my time getting lost was reduced to a mere 10%. isnt that amazing?

see what i mean??

though my morning routines werent as different from my high school. Wake up early.. Get nags, shout outs, wake up call, post wake up call, lectures.. and if im lucky i get to eat breakfast solemnly.  ...  when it comes to travel time.. i have to allot an hour and a half before my 1st period.. [MRT rides to Quezon Ave. to a 15 min. jeepney ride to UP] im a loser.. i know.. im breaking an assumingly "i think im so cool for school" student's number one rule.. "NEVER WAKE UP EARLY." .. as hefty as i want to..  i really cant.. [take note: i need a car. i sincerely do. ] ..and if i will.. gawd.. my ass will never be the same again.. you'll get the picture.. [ but dont be as comical as toot ha. it wouldnt be funny anymore. Tongue]

i get to school if God permits, 10 minutes before the subject. usually, just in time as the professor takes the 10 minute looong attendance..

during vacant periods.. [note to self 3 hours] it's just really fucked up boring.. knowing we're not really a block section. [translation: no permanent friends.. we're all out exposed in the sea] .. working my charm does get to somewhere. [yes. i do have charm even my sarcasms were the only ones showing skin deep. Tongue]

sometimes, i would just be wasting my time [just an hour before my next class] hanging out with who knows who at the AS steps.. or the STEPS OF LOVE as aleli and i fondly call it.. [yes.. its just steps that leads to the GE rooms..] where we play our very own "NAME THAT SMELL" game. i cant really explain how it goes but when you decide to drop by.. aleli will happily explain.. hahahaha..

well.. so far.. i think that's probably it. i mean, your lucky i got up and blogged. im still  getting used to all these. and im really psyched for what is to come.

whatever you want to call me.. bring it..

oh cmon.. dont be ashamed. your going through the same thing as i do.

be proud, freshie. Tongue


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Sunday, June 11, 2006
thank you guys. :)

heaven sent. ^_^

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salamat sa cake.
tawa kau jan ha. Tongue

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
sa mga nagpunta.
sa hindi.
may utang ka sa kin kala mo!

pics to follw.. i dont know when.. but when my sched's clear..
promise. ^_^


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Thursday, June 08, 2006
leisure around the mango tree.

i cant wait to be out.
the girl who just swore to him awhile ago that she's gonna stay home forever.
what can i do?
i was born outside this box.
i love you pigface..

Sunday. had a bit of a joyride.. ermm.. a couple of hot tempered individuals trying too scathe manila for its available parking slots.. eventually failing for the nth time.. maybe is just worth calling a a ride. how come people have cars now.. dammit. this is soo bad.  the traffic is friggin slow. and parking slots practically dugged waaaaaay passed 60 feet under. we finally got 100 feet below. what a big risk for innocents who just want to take a stroll. ....then its shopping spree with the sibs. i didnt spend mine. really. i was planning to buy somewhere cheap. the mall is just a mirage of settling for the less truly means. where to by the way?? THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF DIVISORIA.. yes.. i have indeed rediscovered the treasures hiding underdogs. thanks to rev. i have became a shopaholic. hahaha. just kidding sweetheart. ^_^ .

Monday. i was teh only one left at home. gawd. i wanted to go out. but dad insisted i stay. so the house wouldnt be empty. huh?! thats one reasonable thought. but fine. since its from you dad.and i love you.

cake. im really sorry for bugging the hell out of you.. sorry for all the ranting..

Tuesday. didnt waste any time and got out of the house.. hahahha.. parang preso eh noh.. destination: DI-VI-SOOOO-REEE-AAAA.. i was with tita els.. who was totally grumpy.. and my dear sister.. who just hated my corny jokes but really finds it funny..  he's there. yep. he is. hahahaha. jak knows. jak sees. jak laughs. hahahhaha..

Wednesday. i think im keeping up to this week. hahahha. i went out with ate. Helped her find the perfect graduation dress. [nostalgic moment arises.. haaaay.. bittersweet longing.. aba. dinefine pa,. Tongue] we failed. well.. i knwo i didnt. i discovered this asteeg shop in Glorietta.. MABUHAY ANG PINOY! woooohhhoooo..

Thursday. today. Im going out. [what a cliche. hahahhaha!] but this time.. i mean business.. im going to my school for the orientation. and i dont know what the heck is in store for me today.

i miss you cake.. i'm sorry i cant give any reply to your kim-strucked messages. im sorta broke. teehee. ^_^


grabe ka.
your half a world away.. but you still managed to wake me up.
i hate this..
c'mere you!


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Monday, June 05, 2006

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11 pm na. mcdo katipunan.

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